Meet Chef Ali

I bring fresh techniques and fusion concepts to traditional East African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, combining spices like sumac, cumin and coriander to liven up your palate. I’m available for catering and cooking classes Monday-Saturday, and will be breaking into the DC market scene in 2018.

— Chef Ali Osman Ramadan


About Chef Ali

Born near the Blue Nile in Sudan, I was raised in kitchens all over the world, from Syria to Thailand to Washington, DC. Abu Layla’s flavors and recipes pay homage to East African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Specialties include my range of homemade dips, including hummus, baba ganoush and Nubian-style hot sauces, kebabs, falafel and more. I formerly worked as a sous chef at Table in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC, where I cooked up European fusion farm-to-table dishes. I created Abu Layla to share my evolving culinary journey with foodies worldwide. In Arabic, the word “Abu” translates to “father of,” in dedication of my young daughter and personal food critic, Layla. Since opening Abu Layla, I’ve catered parties, including weddings, boat parties, charity auctions and private dinner parties, in addition to giving cooking lessons. I’ll be bringing Abu Layla to the DC market scene in 2018-19. Stay tuned!

By Bertramz (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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